About Kite Capital

Kite Capital is a small private equity firm owned and managed by Christian B. Mueller.

Christian has an international mindset and 20 years of experience in private equity as both founder and investor. Amongst others, he co-founded Auctus Capital Partners in Germany and led investments that generated double-digit multiples. His strong private equity expertise and contacts can benefit entrepreneurs.
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Always tailored to individual situations, we make direct investments that we manage, we co-invest and manage investments for partners, and we take LP stakes in funds or single investments.

While we diversify investments across industries and geographies, we have unique expertise in staffing and HR tech in the DACH region.


Kite Capital enjoys doing business in an informal and relaxed, but highly efficient and professional manner.

We always discuss private equity strategies with a global mindset and consider key lifestyles issues that help entrepreneurs make right decisions and reach their ultimate goals.


Kite Capital is flexible to advise and work with any private equity stakeholder: business owners, managers, funds, and limited partners.

At the request of clients, we even switched from advising the founders of a company (sell-side) to subsequent investment advisory services for the new investor, which much benefited all stakeholders.

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Registration number: HE 421656
VAT number: CY10421656K